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One of the great motivations for the creaction of ¨Friends of Camping¨ is the development of projects that help to improve the environment that surrounds us or the conditions of the life of people.


We develop projects whose objectives are aimed at improving and respecting the conditions of our environment or the people who inhabit it, do you want to know them?


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The almond trees

The Costa Blanca has that name because in the season that the almond trees bloom this area became a big sea of white flowers. In a climate with a mean of 320 days a year sunshine the area presents optimal conditions for hiking, so we want to analyze all the information.

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the olives

The area is also known for its large number of olive trees. The olive oil, for its color, is also called the liquid gold!

In our place you can get to know all the processes from the care of the trees to the final result, the pure and delicious olive oil!